Important Information on Visa Requirements for Ghana

Ghana flag Enlarge image Ghana flag (© Picture-Alliance) Please study all information carefully in order to present a complete application. Presenting an incomplete application may result in immediate visa refusal.

Visa requirements for Schengen and airport transit visa

Schengenvisum Enlarge image (© colourbox) Here you find information about short term visa for a stay of up to 90 days within the Schengen area and for airport transit through a German airport.

A Schengen  visa is required for the visit of relatives, friends, etc., business, to attend a conference, to visit a trade fair, for medical treatment, for tourism, and for sport or other competitions.

Schengen visa on behalf of Estonia

The German Embassy issues Schengen visa for visits and business trips on behalf of Estonia. The requirements for Germany apply accordingly. All documents from Estonia have to be translated either to English or to German. Applications for other purposes (work, studies, family reunion, stays of more than 90 days) have to be filed directly with the competent Embassy of Estonia in London. If a visa cannot be issued, complaints and appeals have to be directed to the Estonian Embassy in London.

Embassy of Estonia in UK

16 Hyde Park Gate

SW 7 5 DG


United Kingdom

Telephone:       0044 - 20 7589 34 28

Fax:                 0044 - 20 7589 34 30

Email:               mfa%27%ee,embassy%27%london


For further information, especially on the formal requirements for invitations kindly visit the website of the Estonian Embassy in London:

Visa requirements for family reunion

Family, (c) Enlarge image Familiy Matters (© Here you find informationabout a family reunion visa. You have to apply for this visa in the following cases:


1. Family reunion for children. You need to apply for this visa if a child is supposed to join one or both parents in Germany.

2. Family reunion - joining a German child. You need to apply for this visa if the mother or the father of a German child wants to join this German child in Germany. It also applies if the parent wants to move to Germany together with the child.


3. Visa application for an intended marriage / establishment of a civil union in Germany. You need to apply for this visa if you have a fiancé(e) in Germany and are planning to get married  after the arrival in Germany.

4. Family reunion – joining a spouse. You need to apply for this visa if you want to join your spouse in Germany.

It is essential that you read the leaflets carefully. You should only book an appointment once you are in possession of all the required documents. In case that the documents are not complete at the interview, you application cannot be accepted and a new appointment has to booked.

Visa requirements for other long term visa

Here you find information, requirements and application forms for national visa for taking up longer or permanent residence in Germany.

This visa is required for studies, scholarships, language course (longer than 90 days), work,  voluntary work, au pair, internship (longer than 90 days).

Holders of Ghanaian Diplomatic or Service Passports

Holders of Ghanaian diplomatic and service passports neither require visa for Germany for a stay of up to 90 days nor airport transit visa to pass through Germany. As this is based on a bilateral agreement, please check visa requirements for other destinations. Be prepared to provide proof of valid travel health insurance upon entering Germany.

Holders of UN Laissez-Passer Travel Documents

Holders of UN Laissez-Passer Travel Documents on official duty only and regardless of their nationality do not require visa to travel to Germany for a stay of up to 90 days. Be prepared to provide proof of your official mission, valid travel health insurance and proof of your nationality (national passport) upon entering Germany.


Holders of UN Laissez-Passer Travel Documents travelling to Germany on a private visit must apply for a Schengen visa with their national passport with the German Embassy in Accra.