Konrad Adenauer-Foundation

Konrad Adenauer – Foundation (KAS) was founded in 1955. Since 1964 it is named after the first, Christian- democratic chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany Konrad Adenauer. The foundation advocates peace, freedom and justice through civic and political education. Source and point of reference is the Christian understanding that human beings are created by God with equality, difference and imperfection. The Konrad Adenauer-Foundation feels committed to freedom, justice and solidarity.

The work of the foundation in Ghana started in 1966 particularly in the areas of agriculture, health and education. The first partner organization was the so called Christian Mothers Association which still is closely connected to KAS. The profile has changed over the years towards civic education, but as well political and politico-economic support on the base of Christian- democratic values which are represented by KAS worldwide. KAS does not only cooperates with the Catholic Church of Ghana in Civic Education, matters of Justice and Peace or the observation of election (in this year but also in former elections), but is eager to improve the politico- economic frame conditions in cooperation with the Guta Union of Traders Association and Private Enterprise Federation respecting principles of social market economy. Moreover, the foundation works together with political parties about their organizational structures and contents in order to foster multiparty democracy. Finally, KAS stands up for the harmonization of the traditional system with chiefs and queenmothers and the modern democratic system, closly together with the National House of Chiefs and the NGO  Center for Indiginous Knowledge and Organizational.

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