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Foreigners’ access to the labour market is limited by the Ordinance on the admission of foreigners for the purpose of taking up employment. Nevertheless, there are simplified rules on access to the labour market for academics, highly qualified professionals, executives, senior employees, specialists and similar groups.

Brandenburger Tor Festival of Lights

Tourism in Germany

Would you like to visit Germany as a tourist? Follow this link to find out what the country has to offer: castles, culture and splendid landscapes...

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Germany at a Glance

The Federal Republic of Germany lies in the heart of Europe and is a democratic country with a great tradition and a lively present. Germany is the European Union’s most populous nation with more than 80 million inhabitants, surrounded by nine neighboring countries. Its territory encompasses roughly 357,000 square kilometres. It stretches from the North Sea and the Baltic Sea in the north to the Alps in the south.

Experience Germany

Experience Germany

Refreshed, mobile and highly interactive – deutschland.de has a new face to it Discover topics, find information, view videos, take part in the Germany Quiz and in online voting, interact with others: If you want to understand what makes Germany tick and what Germany is busy talking about, then visit deutschland.de and its social-media channels. The Deutschland portal has a new face: young, refreshed, mobile and highly interactive.


500th anniversary of the Reformation

Five hundred years ago, on 31 October 1517, legend has it that theology professor Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses to the door of All Saints’ Church in Wittenberg. The posting of these theses in Wittenberg marks the beginning of the Reformation. The far reaching theological, cultural and political consequences of the Reformation make its anniversary in 2017 not only a church affair, but a central global event in cultural history.

Alexander von Humboldt

Kosmos Humboldt website - www.kosmos-humboldt.org

Alexander von Humboldt is seen as the last great universal scholar. The first environmental activist, humanist, world traveller and international cosmopolitan. But what is behind the legend?

Welcome to Germany

Celle - old city with timbered houses

Time and weather in Germany

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Inclusion in Germany - Participation of persons with disabilities

Mann im Rollstuhl - Man in a wheelchair

'No person shall be disfavoured because of disability'. Self-determined participation in society by people who are disabled or at risk of becoming disabled is a central goal to German government disability policy.

German Bundesliga

All the top news from the German Bundesliga at a glance: fixtures, results, clubs, players and much more.

Asylum in Germany in perspective

Refugees in Germany

2015 saw an unprecedented peak in migration to Germany. According to the official statistics of the German government a total of 476,649 asylum applications were submitted. Many people have lost their life on their way to Europe trusting the promises of ruthless human traffickers. The German Foreign Office has created a #RumoursAboutGermany pamphlet, correcting the spread lies about asylum in Germany.